Evangelion Angels presented via Digital Collage


Sorbet    |

"Art direction & editorial design for Adé, a small online collective of hand picked trinkets for modern day apartment space living, based in Sydney, Australia."

Sorbet is a multidiscipline design studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. We help brands gain clarity, value and a collective vision through design.

The motto is simple: tell your story, and tell it well. They help their clients establish a clear direction and identity, then match that with a strong design aesthetic that encapsulates exactly what their brand is about. Each project is meticulously researched, every avenue explored, with a bespoke visual language being the end result. It’s more than just a logo to them, it’s your story.

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 M I L K B B I !! !! !! !! !!

A few shots with my Kiev 4A I first decided not to upload… (by rewd on Lomography)


My submission for BitBash

Very happy to announce that my poster was chosen as a finalist for Bit Bash Chicago where it will be sold as limited edition Risograph prints! Had a lot of fun researching and making this poster - I made spectrograms of the level up sound effects from Pokemon and Earthbound. Looking forward to exploring more ways I can represent sound visually in the future!

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