Artist: St. Vincent
Song: Cruel
Album: Strange Mercy
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cruel || st. vincent

forgive the kids
for they don’t know how to live

Artist: Anamanaguchi
Song: In The Basement
Album: Endless Fantasy (Advance)
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~sentimental feels~


Side Effects: Cocktail Red Passion

Have you ever tried adding a little film to your gin and tonic? See the results here: 

Artist: Best Coast
Song: Crazy For You
Album: Crazy For You
84,139 plays

saw dum dum girls after seeing tune-yards, st. vincent, and neutral milk hotel at pitchfork


Photo of the Day by maria_vlachou 


Guess who’s gonna marathon E7?


Koshi Kawachi’s “Note Drawing.”

Artist Koshi Kawachi, inspired by his surroundings, put musical staff lines across various cityscapes and mountains, dotting each point with the resulting music note.  The result is a fascinating, organic piece of music that comes from pure artistic imagination.  Watch a video below of the notes being played!

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  • famous friday: Kinfolk editor Nathan Williams’ workspace at home along the Oregon coast (via hearblack)

This is a track from the OST for Lovely Planet coming out soon.

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