What a time to be alive


Harriet Lee-Merrion, Illustrations.

Simple, yet powerful ruminations on life by Harriet Lee-Merrion.  See more below!

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Elegy for zukofsky
by Studio My Name is Wendy


TVGIRL crewneck original artwork


thepaperbeast: Jams, details


Core Sans D by S-Core.

From the creators of the large family of Core Fonts, the asian guys from S-Core brings you this new varian of Core typefaces (These guys made high quality typefaces even 2 of their fonts are in our list of the top fonts of 2013, Core Circus and Core Mellow).  

Core Sans D is sans-serif typeface, the key feature of this font is the condensed form and a large x-height, ideal for signs, and of course body text.

The family consist in 28 weights, including the italic variant of every weight.

Check all the beautiful details of this pro font:

Artist: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Song: Mafia
Album: Out of Frequency
913 plays


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Mafia

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